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You will realize great benefits by conducting and publishing original research derived from surveys. Among their many benefits, surveys:


We have been designing, conducting, publishing, and publicizing surveys and investigative research for a range of clients for more than a decade. We are experienced in all facets of conducting national, regional, and industry-specific surveys.

Publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Inc. magazine, and USA Today, regularly report our clients' findings. In addition, our surveys have been covered on CNN and carried over the Reuters and AP newswires. Thousands of organizations have used our clients' survey reports in their planning.

Let us prepare, publish, and publicize survey research for you. We provide a full spectrum of services for your survey program, from data-gathering to presentation of the findings. Costs are customized to your budget.


Design the Survey Instrument

We design and print questionnaires that are clear, concise, and ensure maximum response. Background research is conducted on the topics to be surveyed to ensure that results are timely and newsworthy.

Collect the Data

We can work with your database or help build one that's productive for you. Whether over the Web, via e-mail, by mail, via telephone interviews, we will secure a representative sample from which to generate valid results for your survey.

Tabulate, Manage the Results

Using specialized software, we tabulate and build the database of your results, which can be sorted and presented by industry type, region, or any other category you desire.

Analyze and Publish

We then edit and package the final results as you would like them presented by percentages, ranges, averages, or weighted averages. Summary reports are punctuated with eye-catching charts and graphs to complement the easy-to-follow explanatory text.

Market and Publicize

Through targeted media relations, we leverage the results to provide you valuable exposure in your industry or marketplace. In addition, through direct mail and other promotional strategies, we can transform your survey results into a sales tool to help capture or build relationships with clients.


For the past decade, McKendrick & Associates has been designing and publishing survey and research reports on important business topics, including human resources, information systems, finance, health care, retail, real estate, exporting, and marketing trends.

We are a trend-spotting service, combining the features of a research service with that of a communications/public relations service. We generate the data and put it into a context that gives you a dynamic picture of developing trends.


Our principals and business partners hold degrees and are well-versed in marketing, communications, and information systems and technology. We regularly team with members of academia and the business community to deliver top-notch analysis and reports.

Joe McKendrick holds a communications degree from Temple University, with follow-up work in public/business administration and information technology. Joe served as director of communications for Administrative Management Society, an international management association, and has written and published numerous articles and survey reports on the forces reshaping North American organizations. Kathy McKendrick holds a marketing degree from St. Joseph's University and has done extensive work in the areas of direct marketing, marketing communications, point of sale, and sales management.